Scruft’s Dasher Festive Collar

Bumble's Boutique

Dasher is a reindeer themed festive dog collar with jolly red and white gingham and, this year, it comes with wonderful exclusive Scrufts’ reindeer tags, which are paired with a jingly copper bell so you won’t lose your dog in the wrapping paper !!

A note about sizes: The width of the collars is 1 inch or 2.5cm, and the clasp width on the collar is 1 1/4 inches or 3.2 cm, so it’s a good idea to check against your current lead and collar set to make sure it is not too large for your dog. Although the mall size is just great for Terriers upwards, it really isn’t suitable for toy breeds such as Yorkies etc due to the clasp. So please bear this in mind when choosing your new collar.

This is a dog collar only.

Size guide:
Small (adjustable) 25cm - 40cm
Medium (adjustable) 30cm 45cm
Large (adjustable) 40cm - 50cm